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   R       - Poem: "Peculiar People"

   R56   - Poem: "A Beautiful Robe"

   R74    - Poem: "The Sculptor"

   R348  - Poem: "Full Consecration"

   R1004 - Poem: "The Father Himself Loveth You"

   R1193 - Poem: "My One Talent"

   R1374 - Poem: "In the Wine-Press Alone"

   R1611 - Poem: "A New Leaf"

   R1810 - Poem: "Take Time to Be Holy"

   R1837 - Poem: "If We Had But a Day"

   R2417 - Poem: "Now His Will Is Mine"

   R2458 - Poem: "A Cup of Cold Water"

   R2870 - Poem: "The Watered Lilies"

   R3759 - Poem: "The Bridegroom's Dove"

   R4021 - Poem: "Your Father Knoweth What Things
   Ye Have Need Of" Matthew 6:8 G.W.S.

   R4203 - Poem: "She Hath Done What She Could"

   R4358 - Poem: "Christ, Our Passover"

   R4485 - "Rest in God's Will" G.W.S.

   R4658 - Poem: "The Camel and The Needles Eye"

   R4851 - Poem: "No Cross, No Crown"

   R4915 - Poem: "O! To Be Willing!" Dr. Agnes Haviland

   R4971 - Poem

   R5326 - Poem

   R5374 - "The Days Are At Hand"

   R5375 - "The Great Privilege of True Service"

   R5377 - "Names Written in the Lamb's Book of Life"

   R5377 - "Prince of Darkness Vs Prince of Light"

   R5378 - "Who May Pray and For What?"

   R5379 - "Thanksgiving with Prayer and Supplication"

   R5383 - "A Prophecy Nearing Fulfillment"

   R5384 - "Pastoral Advice on Prayer and Testimony"

   R5385 - "Faithfulness in Our Stewardship"

   R5387 - "Rest for the People of God"

   R5388 - "St. Paul's Exhortation to Elders"

   R5389 - "Woe unto You, Pharisees!"

   R5390 - "Good Confession Versus Bad Confession"

   R5391 - "Leviticus Nine and Sixteen"

   R5391 - "The Anointed - The Messiah - The Christ"

   R5394 - "Godliness Attracts Persecution"

   R5472 - "Called of God, As Was Aaron"

   R5572 - Poem: "In Everything Give Thanks"

   R5577 - Poem: "My Presence Shall Go with Thee"

   R5603 - "Righteous and Unrighteous Anger"

   R5604 - "The First Armageddon Battle"

   R5605 - "Gideon - The Man of Courage"

   R5606 - "Gideon's Brave Three Hundred"

   R5608 - "The Life Promised to the Church"

   R5611 - "The Soul, Not the Body, Brought from the Tomb"

   R5612 - "The Tragedy of Samson"

   R5613 - "King David's Great-Grandmother"

   R5615 - "The Voice of the Lord"

   R5621 - "Imputation and Application of Our Lord's Human Life-Rights"

   R5623 - "Your Father Knoweth" - Matthew 6:8

   R5624 - "More Convincing Evidence Demanded" - John 20:27

   R5626 - "God's Ark in Wicked Hands" - 1 Samuel 4:1-18; James 1:22

   R5627 - "Confession of Sin, Forgiveness, Victory

   R5628 - "The Return of the Church from the Wilderness"

   R5630 - "Present Duty and Privilege of the Saints"

   R5633 - "The Ministry of Angels"

   R5635 - "The Psychological Moment"

   R5636 - "Preferred Monarchy to Republic"

   R5638 - "Lessons from Saul's Failure"

   R5640 - "The Blood of Sprinkling of The Passover"

   R5643 - "Sacrificial Love Vs Duty Love"

   R5644 - "Our Personal Responsibility to God"

   R5645 - "God's Mercies to Disobedient Israel"

   R5647 - "Saul Rejected by The Lord"

   R5650 - "Patient Endurance the Final Test"

   R5652 - "The Importance of Self Control"

   R5653 - "Jehovah Is My Shepherd"

   R5655 -  Interesting Questions

   R5656 - "David Anointed King" - "The Lord Looketh on the Heart"

   R5660 - "Why the World Has Not Received Restitution"

   R5662 - "The Faith of One Persecuted"

   R5662 - "Victories over Modern Giants"

   R5664 - "A Friend in Need - A Friend Indeed"

   R5665 - "Seed Time and Harvest of Character"

   R5666 - "Choose Ye This Day Whom Ye Will Serve"

   R5668 - "The Sum of All Graces"

   R5668 - "The White Raiment of the Kingdom"

   R5670 - "Light Afflictions" Here - "Glory to Follow"

   R5672 - "Touch Not Mine Anointed"

   R5673 - "King Saul's Last Battle"

   R5676 - "The End of the Ages" - Condition Similar

   R5677 - "These Things" That We Must Do"

   R5678 - "Did Jesus Revile His Enemies?"

   R5679 - "City of David - City of God"

   R5681 - "Thou Art the Man"

   R5683 - "Interesting Question - He went to his own place"

   R5684 - "Consider Him - Then Follow"

   R5685 - "The New Creature's Conquest of his Flesh"

   R5688 - "Development as New Creatures in Christ"

   R5688 - "The Crown of Life - Who Will Receive It"

   R5690 - "Forgiveness Is Blessed"

   R5692 - "Prayers That Are Heard"

   R5693 - "Prophecy Against the Shepherds"

   R5695 - "The Coming Storm and Its Glorious Outcome"

   R5698 - "Faith the Mainspring of Consecration"

   R5698 - "Gentleness a Characteristic of Christ"

   R5699 - "Who Is My Neighbor?"

   R5700 - "Thankless, Rebellious Absalom"

   R5701 - "Solomon, King of Israel"

   R5701 - "Different Phases of the Word Temptation"

   R5702 - "The Father's Wise Counsel"

   R5703 - "The Class to be Honored by the Lord"

   R5704 - "Sin of Self-Sufficiency"

   R5705 - "Our Conquest of the Antitypical Canaanites"

   R5707 - "Prayer - Its Use and Abuse"

   R5710 - "The Source of True Promotion"

   R5711 - "How We Are to Wait on the Lord"

   R5713 - "Dedicating the Temple"

   R5714 - "Ask What I Shall Give Thee"

   R5715 - "View from the Watch Tower"

   R5716 - "Killed, Wounded and Prisoners" Chart

   R5716 - "The Present Advantages of Faith"

   R5718 - "The Hour of Temptation"

   R5718 - "His Servants We Are to Whom We Render Service"

   R5719 - "Our Standing Only in Christ"

   R5720 - "How to Proclaim the Truth"

   R5721 - "Israel's Seven Times of Chastisement"

   R5722 - "Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon"

   R5722 - "The Wisest King Misled"

   R5724 - "Love of the Father and the Son Our Pattern"

   R5728 - Question Meeting - Oakland convention
                 (Conducted by Brother Russell)

   R5732 - Politicians and False Religion

   R5733 - King Asa's Reform Work

   R5735 - "The Beginning of Sorrows"

   R5736 - "Is My Heart 'Good Ground'?"

   R5737 - "Our Cleansing--Inward and Outward"

   R5740 - "Faithfulness in Little Things"

   R5741 - "Elijah, A Great Prophet"

   R5742 - "Responsibility of the Spirit-Begotten"

   R5744 - "Privileges of the Throne of Grace"

   R5746 - "Blessed Are the Pure in Heart"

   R5747 - "Jehovah Our God Is One"

   R5749 - "Making Friends of the Unrighteous Mammon"

   R5750 - "Trespasses and Sins and Their Effect on Character"

   R5751 - "Elijah's Return and Victory"

   R5752 - "Elijah's Flight and Vision"

   R5754 - "Christian Duty and The War"

   R5755 - "The Ultimate Design of the Law of God"

   R5757 - "Full Deliverance Promised to God's Saints"

   R5758 - "Human Works vs Works of the new Creature"

   R5759 - "Elijah's Work Before Ascension.pdf"

   R5761 - "Obedience and Kingship.pdf"

   R5761 - "The Two Parts of the Harvest work.pdf"

   R5767 - "The Miraculous Birth of Jesus.pdf"

   R5768 - "Apostolic Injunction Never So Significant.pdf"

   R5829-5830 - "He Ascended, Leading Captives"

   R5830-5831 - "The Spirit at Pentecost"

   R5831-5832 - "St. Peter's Pentecostal Sermon"

   R5832 - "Lord, Teach Us to Pray"

   R5836 - "Natural Israel Not Heirs to Spiritual Promises"

   R5836 - Poem: Stand

   R5872 - "Ransom and the Sin-Offering"

   R5874 - "Lessons of the Lilies"

   R5875, 2986 - Aeneas and Dorcas (Visiting with Peter, the primitive Saints)

   R5876 - "How Are We Sanctified?"

   R5878 - "Quietness in the Midst of Storms"

   R5879 (R2989) - "St. Peter and Cornelius" and

   "God Is No Respecter of Persons"

   R5879 - "The Ransom Price and Its Application"

   R5882 (R1591) - "The Risen Christ"

   R5885 - "Yoke-Fellows with Christ"

   R5886 - "The Little Foxes"

   R5886 - "Proper and Improper Judgment of Brethren"

   R5889 - "The Christian's Warfare Against Pride"

   R5890 - "Jesus Died and Paid It All"

   R5891 (R3011) - "The Cripple at Lystra"

   R5892 (R4373 & R3017) - "The Council at Jerusalem"

   R5892 - "Faith Demontrated by Works"

   R5893 - "Preaching the Gospel a Necessity"

   R5893 - "Your Brethren That Hated You"

   R5896 - "Machinations of the Evil One
               - How to Vanquish Him"

   R5897 - "Non-Resistance of Evil"

   R5898 - "Witnesses to the Truth"

   R5899 - "We Reap What We Sow"

   R5903 - "Some Pastoral Counsel on Marriage"

   R5903 - "The Macedonian Appeal"

   R5905 - "Training Our Affections Heavenward"

   R5907 - Poem: "The King in His Beauty"

   R5907 - "The Philippian Jailer"

   R5908 - "Finally, Brethren, Think"

   R5909 - "Harvest Gatherings and Siftings"

   R5912 - "They Go From Strength to Strength"

   R5913 - "Our Lord Jesus' Inspiring Promise"

   R5916 - "Signs of the Presence of the King"

   R5917 - "Seeking Membership in God's Kingdom"

   R5919 - "Glorying in the Cross of Christ"

   R5920 - "Lesson of the Blighted Fig Tree"

   R5923 - "Lest We Forget"

   R5926 - "The Grace of Giving"

   R5928 - "Office of Advocate and Mediator Contrasted"

   R5929 - "At Peace Amongst Yourselves"

   R5931 - Poem

   R5931 - "How We Attain Development as New Creatures"

   R5933 - "Re Partially Willful Sins before Consecration"

   R5934 - "Sowing to the Flesh - The Result, Death"

   R5935 - "The Riot at Ephesus"

   R5938 - "Confession of Sin Essential to Forgiveness"

   R5939 - "Ordinations - True and False"

   R5941 - "St. Paul's Sorrows and Joys"

   R5943 - The Divine Scroll - Who Is Worthy to Look Therein?

   R5946 - Keeping the Lord's Commandments

   R5948 - Take Heed to Yourselves

   R5950 - The Harvest Is Not Ended

   R5951 - Greater Sufferings - Greater Reward

   R5952 - A Plot That Failed

   R5955 - Danger in Spiritual Pride

   R5958 - God First - Self Last

   R5959 - Justification - What? When? How?

   R5962 - Baptism for Remission of Sins for Jews Only

   R5965 - Temptations Peculiar to the New Creation

   R5966 - The Power of the Will - Self-Control

   R5966 - Shipwrecked on Melita

   R5967 - The Epistle of Christ

   R5970 - What We Preach and Teach

   R5972 - The Ransom Not The Sin-Offering

   R5973 - Suffer the Word of Exhortation

   R5974 - "Straight Paths for Your Feet"

   R5977 - How We May Grow Up into Christ

   R5979 - Presenting the Message of the Kingdom

   R5981 - "The Hour of Temptation" - The V.D.M. Questions

   R5989 - "The Earth Trembled"--and Fell - Psa. 97:4

   R5990 - One of the Master's Forceful and Beautiful Lessons:
                 "Consider the Lilies of the field, how they grow." Matt. 6:28

   R5992 - "Faithful Unto Death"





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