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Daily Heavenly Manna

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  Songs in the Night

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Tamil PDFs and MySword Modules

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வேதாகம காலக்கணக்கு (PDF)


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Joseph Our Example (PDF)

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Life of Christ book (PDF)

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Memorial Meditation (PDF)

Keys to Unlock the Bible (PDF)


The Photo-Drama of Creation (PDF)

pg 33 - பஸ்கா ஏற்படுத்தப்பட்டது  - Passover Instituted

pg 67 - நினைவுகூருதல் இராப்போஜனம  - The Memorial Supper


இஸ்ரேல்  Israel


இஸ்ரேலின் உரிமைப் பத்திரம் (வரைபடம்)
Title Deeds of Israel - Map


மகா இஸ்ரேல் (வரைபடம்)
Greater Israel - Map


இஸ்ரேலின் எதிர்கால எல்லைகள் (வரைபடம்)
Israel's Future Borders - Map


இஸ்ரேல் - அதிசயங்களின் தேசம
Booklet: Israel - A Nation of Miracles


இஸ்ரயேலர் - அரேபியர்களின் சமாதான நடவடிக்கைகளும் மற்றும் வேதாகம தீர்க்கதரிசனமும்
The Israeli-Arab Peace Process and Bible Prophecy


Booklet Pending:
The Time to Favor Zion is Come



எல்லோருக்குமான தேவனுடைய திட்டம்  

God's Plan for Everybody

                           1 -  அட்டவணை  (Table of Contents)
 சிருஷ்டிப்பு     (Creation)

                           2 - முதலாம் உலகம்  (First World)

                           3 - முற்பிதாக்கள் மற்றும் யூத யுகம்

                                (Patriarchal & Jewish Ages)

                           4 -  இயேசு   (Jesus)

                           5 -  அப்போஸ்தலர்கள்   (Apostles)


நல்ல சமாரியன் பற்றிய உவம

The Parable of the Good Samaritan


சிங்கக் கெபியிலே தானியேல

Daniel in the Lions' Den


மேசியாவின் நீதியுள்ள அரசாட்சி

The Messianic Reign of Righteousness


Charts and Images

Nebuchnezzar's Image

இயேசுவின் இறுதி வாரம்  - Tamil   -   Jesus' Last Week - English

Prophetic Timeline  -  Tamil  -  English

Seven Churches of Revelation

*** Chronology Chart in Color *** - Tamil

6,000 Years Chronology   -   Flood Year and Day

Leviticus   -   Noah and Shem

Prophecies of Daniel   -   The Great Covenants

காலகணக்க - Tamil   -   Chronology Handout - English





Laodicean Times


The Trumpet of the
Seventh Angel




Individual Reprint Articles


   R       - Poem: "Peculiar People"

   R56   - Poem: "A Beautiful Robe"

   R74    - Poem: "The Sculptor"

   R348  - Poem: "Full Consecration"

   R1004 - Poem: "The Father Himself Loveth You"

   R1193 - Poem: "My One Talent"

   R1374 - Poem: "In the Wine-Press Alone"

   R1611 - Poem: "A New Leaf"

   R1810 - Poem: "Take Time to Be Holy"

   R1837 - Poem: "If We Had But a Day"

   R2417 - Poem: "Now His Will Is Mine"

   R2458 - Poem: "A Cup of Cold Water"

   R2870 - Poem: "The Watered Lilies"

   R3759 - Poem: "The Bridegroom's Dove"

   R4021 - Poem: "Your Father Knoweth What Things
   Ye Have Need Of" Matthew 6:8 G.W.S.

   R4203 - Poem: "She Hath Done What She Could"

   R4358 - Poem: "Christ, Our Passover"

   R4485 - "Rest in God's Will" G.W.S.

   R4658 - Poem: "The Camel and The Needles Eye"

   R4851 - Poem: "No Cross, No Crown"

   R4915 - Poem: "O! To Be Willing!" Dr. Agnes Haviland

   R4971 - Poem

   R5326 - Poem

   R5374 - "The Days Are At Hand"

   R5375 - "The Great Privilege of True Service"

   R5377 - "Names Written in the Lamb's Book of Life"

   R5377 - "Prince of Darkness Vs Prince of Light"

   R5378 - "Who May Pray and For What?"

   R5379 - "Thanksgiving with Prayer and Supplication"

   R5385 - "Faithfulness in Our Stewardship"

   R5472 - "Called of God, As Was Aaron"

   R5572 - Poem: "In Everything Give Thanks"

   R5577 - Poem: "My Presence Shall Go with Thee"

   R5603 - "Righteous and Unrighteous Anger"

   R5604 - "The First Armageddon Battle"

   R5605 - "Gideon - The Man of Courage"

   R5606 - "Gideon's Brave Three Hundred"

   R5608 - "The Life Promised to the Church"

   R5611 - "The Soul, Not the Body, Brought from the Tomb"

   R5612 - "The Tragedy of Samson"

   R5613 - "King David's Great-Grandmother"

   R5615 - "The Voice of the Lord"

   R5621 - "Imputation and Application of Our Lord's Human Life-Rights"

   R5623 - "Your Father Knoweth" - Matthew 6:8

   R5624 - "More Convincing Evidence Demanded" - John 20:27

   R5626 - "God's Ark in Wicked Hands" - 1 Samuel 4:1-18; James 1:22

   R5627 - "Confession of Sin, Forgiveness, Victory

   R5628 - "The Return of the Church from the Wilderness"

   R5630 - "Present Duty and Privilege of the Saints"

   R5633 - "The Ministry of Angels"

   R5635 - "The Psychological Moment"

   R5636 - "Preferred Monarchy to Republic"

   R5638 - "Lessons from Saul's Failure"

   R5640 - "The Blood of Sprinkling of The Passover"

   R5643 - "Sacrificial Love Vs Duty Love"

   R5644 - "Our Personal Responsibility to God"

   R5645 - "God's Mercies to Disobedient Israel"

   R5647 - "Saul Rejected by The Lord"

   R5650 - "Patient Endurance the Final Test"

   R5652 - "The Importance of Self Control"

   R5653 - "Jehovah Is My Shepherd"

   R5655 -  Interesting Questions

   R5656 - "David Anointed King" - "The Lord Looketh on the Heart"

   R5660 - "Why the World Has Not Received Restitution"

   R5662 - "The Faith of One Persecuted"

   R5662 - "Victories over Modern Giants"

   R5664 - "A Friend in Need - A Friend Indeed"

   R5665 - "Seed Time and Harvest of Character"

   R5666 - "Choose Ye This Day Whom Ye Will Serve"

   R5668 - "The Sum of All Graces"

   R5668 - "The White Raiment of the Kingdom"

   R5670 - "Light Afflictions" Here - "Glory to Follow"

   R5672 - "Touch Not Mine Anointed"

   R5673 - "King Saul's Last Battle"

   R5676 - "The End of the Ages" - Condition Similar

   R5677 - "These Things" That We Must Do"

   R5678 - "Did Jesus Revile His Enemies?"

   R5679 - "City of David - City of God"

   R5681 - "Thou Art the Man"

   R5683 - "Interesting Question - He went to his own place"

   R5684 - "Consider Him - Then Follow"

   R5685 - "The New Creature's Conquest of his Flesh"

   R5688 - "Development as New Creatures in Christ"

   R5688 - "The Crown of Life - Who Will Receive It"

   R5690 - "Forgiveness Is Blessed"

   R5692 - "Prayers That Are Heard"

   R5693 - "Prophecy Against the Shepherds"

   R5695 - "The Coming Storm and Its Glorious Outcome"

   R5698 - "Faith the Mainspring of Consecration"

   R5698 - "Gentleness a Characteristic of Christ"

   R5699 - "Who Is My Neighbor?"

   R5700 - "Thankless, Rebellious Absalom"

   R5701 - "Solomon, King of Israel"

   R5701 - "Different Phases of the Word Temptation"

   R5702 - "The Father's Wise Counsel"

   R5703 - "The Class to be Honored by the Lord"

   R5704 - "Sin of Self-Sufficiency"

   R5705 - "Our Conquest of the Antitypical Canaanites"

   R5707 - "Prayer - Its Use and Abuse"

   R5710 - "The Source of True Promotion"

   R5711 - "How We Are to Wait on the Lord"

   R5713 - "Dedicating the Temple"

   R5714 - "Ask What I Shall Give Thee"

   R5715 - "View from the Watch Tower"

   R5716 - "Killed, Wounded and Prisoners" Chart

   R5716 - "The Present Advantages of Faith"

   R5718 - "The Hour of Temptation"

   R5718 - "His Servants We Are to Whom We Render Service"

   R5720 - "How to Proclaim the Truth"

   R5721 - "Israel's Seven Times of Chastisement"

   R5722 - "Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon"

   R5722 - "The Wisest King Misled"

   R5724 - "Love of the Father and the Son Our Pattern"

   R5829-5830 - "He Ascended, Leading Captives"

   R5830-5831 - "The Spirit at Pentecost"

   R5831-5832 - "St. Peter's Pentecostal Sermon"

   R5832 - "Lord, Teach Us to Pray"

   R5836 - "Natural Israel Not Heirs to Spiritual Promises"

   R5836 - Poem: Stand

   R5872 - "Ransom and the Sin-Offering"

   R5874 - "Lessons of the Lilies"

   R5875, 2986 - Aeneas and Dorcas (Visiting with Peter, the primitive Saints)

   R5876 - "How Are We Sanctified?"

   R5878 - "Quietness in the Midst of Storms"

   R5879 (R2989) - "St. Peter and Cornelius" and

   "God Is No Respecter of Persons"

   R5879 - "The Ransom Price and Its Application"

   R5882 (R1591) - "The Risen Christ"

   R5885 - "Yoke-Fellows with Christ"

   R5886 - "The Little Foxes"

   R5886 - "Proper and Improper Judgment of Brethren"

   R5889 - "The Christian's Warfare Against Pride"

   R5890 - "Jesus Died and Paid It All"

   R5891 (R3011) - "The Cripple at Lystra"

   R5892 (R4373 & R3017) - "The Council at Jerusalem"

   R5892 - "Faith Demontrated by Works"

   R5893 - "Preaching the Gospel a Necessity"

   R5893 - "Your Brethren That Hated You"

   R5896 - "Machinations of the Evil One
               - How to Vanquish Him"

   R5897 - "Non-Resistance of Evil"

   R5898 - "Witnesses to the Truth"

   R5899 - "We Reap What We Sow"

   R5903 - "Some Pastoral Counsel on Marriage"

   R5903 - "The Macedonian Appeal"

   R5905 - "Training Our Affections Heavenward"

   R5907 - Poem: "The King in His Beauty"

   R5907 - "The Philippian Jailer"

   R5908 - "Finally, Brethren, Think"

   R5909 - "Harvest Gatherings and Siftings"

   R5912 - "They Go From Strength to Strength"

   R5913 - "Our Lord Jesus' Inspiring Promise"

   R5916 - "Signs of the Presence of the King"

   R5917 - "Seeking Membership in God's Kingdom"

   R5919 - "Glorying in the Cross of Christ"

   R5920 - "Lesson of the Blighted Fig Tree"

   R5923 - "Lest We Forget"

   R5926 - "The Grace of Giving"

   R5928 - "Office of Advocate and Mediator Contrasted"

   R5929 - "At Peace Amongst Yourselves"

   R5931 - Poem

   R5931 - "How We Attain Development as New Creatures"

   R5933 - "Re Partially Willful Sins before Consecration"

   R5934 - "Sowing to the Flesh - The Result, Death"

   R5935 - "The Riot at Ephesus"

   R5938 - "Confession of Sin Essential to Forgiveness"

   R5939 - "Ordinations - True and False"

   R5941 - "St. Paul's Sorrows and Joys"

   R5943 - The Divine Scroll - Who Is Worthy to Look Therein?

   R5946 - Keeping the Lord's Commandments

   R5948 - Take Heed to Yourselves

   R5950 - The Harvest Is Not Ended

   R5951 - Greater Sufferings - Greater Reward

   R5952 - A Plot That Failed

   R5955 - Danger in Spiritual Pride

   R5958 - God First - Self Last

   R5959 - Justification - What? When? How?

   R5962 - Baptism for Remission of Sins for Jews Only

   R5965 - Temptations Peculiar to the New Creation

   R5966 - The Power of the Will - Self-Control

   R5966 - Shipwrecked on Melita

   R5967 - The Epistle of Christ

   R5970 - What We Preach and Teach

   R5972 - The Ransom Not The Sin-Offering

   R5973 - Suffer the Word of Exhortation

   R5974 - "Straight Paths for Your Feet"

   R5977 - How We May Grow Up into Christ

   R5979 - Presenting the Message of the Kingdom

   R5981 - "The Hour of Temptation" - The V.D.M. Questions

   R5989 - "The Earth Trembled"--and Fell - Psa. 97:4

   R5990 - One of the Master's Forceful and Beautiful Lessons:
                 "Consider the Lilies of the field, how they grow." Matt. 6:28

   R5992 - "Faithful Unto Death"




The Path of the Just is as the Shining Light,

Which Shineth More and More

Unto the Perfect Day.


Illustrated 1st Volume
in 31 Languages
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